Halloween Musings

As it is Halloween aka October 31, I thought I’d talk about/rant on some common themes I’ve noticed.

First, as a college student, “Halloween Weekend” is a thing, basically it’s a regular collage weekend, except everyone is dressed in costumes. I personally believe Halloween should only be celebrated that one day as intended and how I grew up. Plus, I admit how it can be fun to dress up, it’s only for a day. Why not be happy as yourself? Why do you need the extra days of costumes?

Next, another big concern are the costumes. To me, I see college students trying so hard to be a “sexy” version of a famous thing. If you want to go as a sexy person, if you want to, go for it, just don’t mask it as a “sexy version” of some pure, innocent costume. For instance, a sexy version of Minnie Mouse, Supergirl, professionals, an Ebola Nurse, and just about anything else does not go with the innocence and purity of the character. If you want to be sexy, then do it, but don’t call yourself that character. Those two do not meld well.

In fact, here’s a scene from the 2012 season 2 Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode:

Alison: Is the doctor in?                                                                                                                                Noel Kahn: Actually, I’m a gynecologist.
Alison: Ooh.
Noel: Care to make an appointment? Hot chick, Britney, hot witch, hot Indian chick – And, uh – Mary Queen of Scots.
Hanna: He doesn’t know who that is.
Aria: Does anybody?                                                                                                                                     Spencer: She was born to be queen, but her cousin stole the throne, and then she was accused of treason and her family had her executed.

See? Exhibit A. Guys at least half of the time won’t even get what you are. So, either go full out ala Spencer or keep it simple.

Whatever you choose, just be yourself.

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