28 of the Best Home Decor Moments from “Big Little Lies”

Ok, I know I’m late to the party– well not late late per se, because I’ve wanted to watch “Big Little Lies” since it first aired, but since I just recently got access to someone’s HBO account (thanks a million, btw!), I FINALLY was able to watch the acclaimed miniseries.

While the series was gripping (OMG that ending!), I kept obsessing over the interior looks in virtually every scene, because hello, that’s me. Case in point:

Celeste and Perry’s outdoor living space

From the dining table and chairs, the place settings, and the living area chairs and pillows, I’m obsessed.

Celeste and Perry’s indoor dining area

OMG, this table, chairs and chandelier!

Madeline and Ed’s dreamy kitchen and island

My literal favorite interior space in the whole series: THAT ISLAND. The subway tile. The pendant lamps. The cabinets. Farmhouse sink. I want it all. MY DREAM KITCHEN.

Madeline and Ed have an amazing exterior

That outdoor living space (both levels). I want.

Renata’s ultra-modern home

Super sleek and modern, plus with a gorgeous view of the sunset from the glass-walled house.

Madeline and Ed’s armchairs and outdoor space

Plus, that dreamy view onto the beach.

Chairs in Celeste and Perry’s bedroom

Perfectly cozy for a bedroom suite.

Celeste and Perry’s walk-in closet *drools profoundly*

MY FAVORITE ROOM: Celeste’s closet. *heart eyes*

A second view of the McKenzie kitchen just because.

And those stools!

Literally the McKenzies live on the beach.

House location on point.

Celeste and Perry’s living and dining area oozes taste.

From the dining set, chandelier, carpeting, and chairs. Wow, it is both family-friendly and stylish.

Madeline and Ed’s bedroom

Start with the white marble fireplace, and the chair, and the bed, and the lamps… And basically I want her whole house.

Celeste and Perry’s entryway

Love the hall table with the mirror to greet guests into their well-decorated home.

Madeline and Ed’s foyer slash living area

Well, basically her whole house is gorgeous. And from the foyer, we get a glimpse of the gorgeous stair railing, entry table, and living room seating. Love.

Madeline and Ed’s living area

Special shoutout to the cabinet design, wine storage, and Abby’s notebooks (because I love cute stationary).

The McKenzies’ sectional and living area

It may be a dark scene, but I love their sectional sofa, chairs, and throw pillows. So chic yet cozy!

Renata’s living room space

It may be an ultra-modern house, but the stylish coffee table and sectional sofa works perfectly for six-year-old Amabella to play around. Also, that fancy staircase!

Madeline and Ed’s outdoor living space

Gah, I would die for outdoor living space. Especially if it came with a beachfront view.

Celeste’s therapist’s office

Starting with the french doors… It’s quaint but homey.

Ed McKenzie’s office space

His standing desk! The etched mirror! The printed throw pillows! The entertainment center! I’d want to work from home if I lived there too.

Seating area outside Celeste and Perry’s closet

A cute way to use blank extra space in the bedroom corner with an L-shaped bench.

Bonnie and Nathan’s cozy sectional

It’s super bohemian (hello, it is Bonnie’s style), but I love the sectional and throw pillows, and the glass lamp. Down-to-earth but comfortable at the same time.

Celeste and Perry’s dining room set

Love the dining chairs, chandelier, and blue striped carpet in particular.

Madeline and Ed’s bedroom set

First, that headboard. The pattered wallpaper. Seriously, Madeline has all the taste.

Madeline’s vanity

I’M OBSESSED. From the chair, to the desk, to the mirrors, I’m utterly obsessed. I want.

Celeste and Perry’s living area

Love the sectional and throw pillows! And the pop of blue on the accent wall!

Bonnie and Nathan’s wall art

Behind Nathan’s head in the kitchen, I love the unique wall art hanging on the wall underneath the sideboard.

The hammock-type thing in Bonnie and Nathan’s backyard

Abigail sits on this hanging thing in the Carlson’s backyard, and I love it. I want one.

Congrats to the cast and crew on its well-deserved award show nominations and your season two pick up. Of course I’ll be watching, and making even more mental notes of set decoration inspiration for my home as well.

Prepare to Be Obsessed With the Gaines’ Hearth and Hand Target Home Decor Collection

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty obsessed with home decor, HGTV, and Fixer Upper. And with this weekend’s release of Target’s Hearth and Hand capsule collection (brought to you by Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines), the home decor line is chock full of gorgeous items that will guarantee to give your home a dose of Fixer Upper vibes.

I fully expect the collection to completely sell out fast, given the Gaines’ popularity and the success of Target’s past collabs (Missoni, Lilly Pulitzer, Marimekko, Victoria Beckham, etc) which was why I logged onto the store’s website early Sunday morning to grab my faves. While I had to severely cut down my wish list (uhhhhh, thanks a lot rent), I did manage to grab a few ultra adorable pieces. (Pssst: Mom, Chanukah. Wishlist. Just saying…)

I’m clearly not the only one OBSESSING over this collection, as social media was all abuzz of my fellow Fixer Upper-obsessed fans.

Even Chip Gaines couldn’t stifle his excitement.

Gaines captioned the shot of himself sleeping in a tent outside his local Target, “Being first in line for the launch of Hearth and Hand with Magnolia is about to pay off big time.”

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite picks of the collection (which is going to be narrowed down a lot, because ideally I could fit everything in here, but that would end up way too long, so alas, here are five of my must-have items from Hearth and Hand.

1. Woven Tassel Throw Blanket

I’m absolutely obsessed with this throw blanket… I only wish I had any pops of green in my apartment so it would match something…

2. Journal Set

I’m a writer, so of course I’d be a sucker for a cute, printed notebook.

3. Embroidered X Pattern Throw Pillow

An adorable throw pillow. I already have an exact location for this pillow– All I’m missing is the pillow now…

4. Morning Beautiful Stoneware Mug

So cute! And what a perfect way to inspire you in the mornings!

5. Plaid Pet Bed

This dog bed is SO cute! All I want is my puppy to sleep here, but alas, my yorkie can’t sleep on her own bed (and believe me, I’ve tried). So, ugh I guess that’s a no for my puppy. Sad.

Well, at least with the news of the last season of the show fast approaching, we can at least add a little of Fixer Upper and Magnolia’s farmhouse chic into our own homes…

Some of the Best Moments in “Trading Spaces” History

Did everyone hear that “Trading Spaces” is coming back to TV? And so is original host Paige Davis? Andddddd all of the fan favorite designers and carpenters? Yes, all true.

One thing you may not know about me, I’ve watched “Trading Spaces” on TLC since I was little. My mom would watch every episode, and me being her little mini-me, I started to watch it with her (and every other HGTV show on air at that point too). And, I really liked it and the idea of interior design. So much so, that it was my childhood dream to appear on the show (lol like that would have happened) with my mom. (Does that make me an odd child? Don’t know, but it did set up for my career, so thanks, I guess?) But, in honor of the recent big news that most of the original designers/carpenters will return for this new season, I thought it was time to revisit a home decor classic.

This show was definitely one of the first big home renovation shows and what a classic. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

In the very beginning, when neighbors would dress up in brightly colored smocks and literally switch keys.


When each team met their the designer at their neighbor’s house and you instantly knew exactly the aesthetic would be before hearing their plans.

Allow me to elaborate with a handy chart:

  • Vern Yip: Super modern design, sleek.
  • Genevieve Gorder: ONE OF MY FAVES. Trendy, bohemian, unique but super stylish. Always obsessed.
  • Doug Wilson: He always did what he wanted, regardless of the homeowner’s tastes. Sometimes veryyyy unique.
  • Hildi Santo-Tomas: Something wild was going to go down, think corks, newspaper, hay, or rose petals as wallpaper.
  • Frank Bielic: [French] country, 100%, and bright colors.
  • Laurie Hickson-Smith: Family-friendly, homey vibes, and almost always will exceed the budget.
  • Edward Walker: Super dramatic.

Hearing the designer’s plan, and HANGING ONTO EVERY LAST WORD.

AP Images

Let’s see the paint samples and color inspiration!!

The designer/ Paige checking in on Ty/Carter/Amy on carpentry in their little white tent set up outside.


The designers leaving for the night and giving the contestants “homework” aka paint every surface or stuff pillows.


Paige magically appears to help with a special project, but really paints a shelf for five minutes and then disappears from camera…. And has no clue what she’s doing.

Paige’s final sitdown with the designers, where they usually just end up laughing, and discuss the final result.

Obviously, the reveal! Where the neighbors are absolutely floored (good or bad) when Paige un-blindfolds them and they get to see their new room.

When the cast of “7th Heaven” appeared on an episode, and it was glorious because who didn’t ship Lucy and Kevin???? (Basically it was the perfect combination of two of my favorite childhood shows.)

Then, when they made a kids edition, and legit my childhood dreams came true.

Like, when wasn’t “Trading Spaces” iconic? And design inspiration-worthy? Can’t wait for the debut of the new season, let’s queue up my DVR…

18 Celebrity Instagrams That Prove Their Homes Are Where The (Chic) Heart Is

We all know celebs have the best style – from hair, makeup, and styling – our favorite stars are often the perfect Pinterest inspiration for upgrading our own looks. But, it’s not just their own looks that always seem so Pinterest-worthy. Have you ever scrolled through your fave’s Instagram feed and noticed the uber-chic home furnishings almost that steal the spotlight in the background of their selfies and daily snapshots? Because I have, and can I just say, OBSESSED. So, here at Quite Simply Miranda, I decided to round up my favorite celebrity Instagrams that will totally inspire you to update your own interiors.

Olivia Wilde

Wilde’s New York adobe is the epitome of hipster chic, and we’re obsessed every time the actress gives us even a glance at her chic furnishings in a post.

View this post on Instagram

First born. Hero. Old man. Paco. ❤️

A post shared by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on

Absolutely love the deep blue velvet-looking sofa (unfortunately not dog-shedding proof!) with bright pops of colors from throw pillows and a throw blanket. Wilde sure can accessorize a room!

Reese Witherspoon

It’s basically common knowledge that Witherspoon is the queen of southern charm and bright colors (hello, Draper James!), and her Insta feed and her home obviously reflects that.

Absolutely obsessed with the mom of three’s ultra-classic yet simplistic kitchen, featuring white cabinets, gold knobs, gray cabinets (love the mix of colors!), and subway tiles! Perfect for baking with her brood!

And of course, Witherspoon can entertain, in the perfect spot to do so. Her backyard is decked out with cozy wicker chairs and plaid throw pillows to create a perfect outdoor living space.

Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl “Posh” and fashion designer Victoria Beckham certainly knows what’s chic. It’s no surprise her home follows suit.

Featuring an ultra-glam staircase and flooring.

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Mummy and me 💕Thank u @nlvogue x VB

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

And a super-glamorous chandelier that only Posh Spice would have…

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#RedNoseDay #RedBows X kisses from Harper x VB

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

And this picture-perfect entryway. I mean, from the tiles, to the doorway, to the cast-iron window panes, I don’t know which part I prefer: they fit together so seamlessly and I am positively obsessed.

Jessie James Decker

The country singer and her football player hubby’s life as family of four is captured on an E! reality show, because GOALS. Another reason that makes them absolute #goals? Decker’s style. Case in point:

A rustic-looking table for the country crooner.

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This boy has stolen my heart

A post shared by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Marble in the bathroom? Definitely glam.

The master bedroom also features a substantial amount of glam between the headboard, pillows, and chandelier bedside lamp.

Rachel Bilson

The former “O.C.” and “Hart of Dixie” actress is no stranger to playing fashionista characters, so it’s only naturally that the stylish star has some killer home tastes as well.

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My little twinkle toes ❤

A post shared by @ rachelbilson on

A little print never hurt…

Bilson certainly keeps a cozy kitchen!

The rest of her home is definitely minimalistic (excuse the kid’s toys) but still cozy.

Kristen Bell

The actress’ Instagram is full of genius mom hacks, but if you take a closer look, you’ll also find she has amazing taste.

Definitely a chic outdoor living space with lots of fun colors and prints.

She definitely has created a cozy living space (minus her husband Dax’s Laz-E-Boy).

Lauren Conrad

The former star of “The Hills” has certainly made a name for herself in the fashion and crafty sphere, and of course her home would look amazing, of course it would.

Minimal and beachy, so on-brand, and absolutely stunning. Pinterest goals, anyone??

Camilla Luddington

While on “Grey’s Anatomy,” the Brit trades in her accent for an American one to go with her light blue scrubs, her home life (and Jo’s too!) is super chic.

Behind the emotional and super sweet scene between Jolex on the show, I’m absolutely in love with Jo’s apartment decor. So chic, I love it! Can I live there IRL???

This “Grey’s Anatomy” star certainly made a haven for her newborn daughter Hayden. I have one word: ADORABLE.

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The OG bubs #gusgus #rescue #scruff

A post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on

Talk about a cozy house in real life too!

Joanna Gaines

How could you forget about the queen of HGTV, Ms. “Fixer Upper” herself??

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A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on

I absolutely love every piece Gaines has incorporated into her home. She makes farmhouse and rustic decor look so effortless and chic. I love it!

Seriously, her taste is amazing and I’m obsessed.

Oprah Winfrey

Of course mega-mogal Oprah can do anything. Including setting a perfect tablescape.

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My favorite part..

A post shared by Oprah (@oprah) on

Holiday goals courtesy of Oprah, natch…

Kristin Cavallari

The mom-of-three certainly keeps a chic home.

The former reality star and NFL wife clearly has exceptional taste. I especially love her living room rug and rustic-inspired white coffee table. Stylish and perfect for the whole family!

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I guess Saylor wanted some ice cream

A post shared by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

I love her adorable kitchen rug.

Jessica Biel

Not only are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake uber-successful in their own careers, but they are also Hollywood royalty. And on top of that, their home is super chic. Could they be anymore perfect??

The Timberlakes certainly know outdoor living.


And check out the unique tilework in the bathroom!

Carrie Underwood

I’ve always loved Underwood’s fashion style, and guess what? Her home is equally stylish.

The songstress sure can make a comfy place, for babies and puppies!

Behind the goofy family’s shenanigans, her kitchen is super family friendly and chic. Love!

Ellen Pompeo

Famous for playing a surgeon on TV (and the reason I sorta understand medical jargon now in real life), but in real life, she plays mom to her three kids and does so in her Architectural Digest- photographed home.

Behind the adorable mother-son dance, we get a glimpse at how the real life Meredith Grey decorated her family-friendly home.

And like her pups, I love her blanket choices!

Kate Hudson

Hudson has killer style, so it’s obvious her home would too.

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Happy pants 💃🌿🌸 @fabletics

A post shared by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

Let’s just say, CLOSET GOALS. (and life goals, really.)

Tia Mowry

The once child star is clearly all grown up, living in her stylish L.A. abode (as we got a glance on her former reality show with her twin sis Tamera years back).

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Table is set! @gameofthrones #winterishere

A post shared by TiaMowry (@tiamowry) on

The “Sister Sister” alum knows how to throw a party.

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It's all about the Pom Pom. ⚫️🌑

A post shared by TiaMowry (@tiamowry) on

Her bedroom may be minimalistic, but it’s still so chic. Love.

Kourtney Kardashian

Perhaps the K sister known the best for her home decor (she wasn’t on the cover of Architectural Digest for nothing…)

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Last nights slumber party.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Talk about about a sweet bedroom setup! Kall me obsessed.


Excuse the ad, but I absolutely love her living room decor. Ah-mazing.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The former “Buffy” star has transitioned into a family-friendly mom of two, and her home reflects that while remaining true to her stylish tastes.

Love all the fun prints and colors in the Geller-Prize household. Gorge.

Way in the back, peep the super cute cabinets and lighting behind the selfie. Pinning now…

And… her office is just as cute. OMG I want a space like that.

Talk about some serious home decor GOALS?! Anyone else feeling an apartment makeover, pronto?