Some of the Best Moments in “Trading Spaces” History

Did everyone hear that “Trading Spaces” is coming back to TV? And so is original host Paige Davis? Andddddd all of the fan favorite designers and carpenters? Yes, all true.

One thing you may not know about me, I’ve watched “Trading Spaces” on TLC since I was little. My mom would watch every episode, and me being her little mini-me, I started to watch it with her (and every other HGTV show on air at that point too). And, I really liked it and the idea of interior design. So much so, that it was my childhood dream to appear on the show (lol like that would have happened) with my mom. (Does that make me an odd child? Don’t know, but it did set up for my career, so thanks, I guess?) But, in honor of the recent big news that most of the original designers/carpenters will return for this new season, I thought it was time to revisit a home decor classic.

This show was definitely one of the first big home renovation shows and what a classic. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

In the very beginning, when neighbors would dress up in brightly colored smocks and literally switch keys.


When each team met their the designer at their neighbor’s house and you instantly knew exactly the aesthetic would be before hearing their plans.

Allow me to elaborate with a handy chart:

  • Vern Yip: Super modern design, sleek.
  • Genevieve Gorder: ONE OF MY FAVES. Trendy, bohemian, unique but super stylish. Always obsessed.
  • Doug Wilson: He always did what he wanted, regardless of the homeowner’s tastes. Sometimes veryyyy unique.
  • Hildi Santo-Tomas: Something wild was going to go down, think corks, newspaper, hay, or rose petals as wallpaper.
  • Frank Bielic: [French] country, 100%, and bright colors.
  • Laurie Hickson-Smith: Family-friendly, homey vibes, and almost always will exceed the budget.
  • Edward Walker: Super dramatic.

Hearing the designer’s plan, and HANGING ONTO EVERY LAST WORD.

AP Images

Let’s see the paint samples and color inspiration!!

The designer/ Paige checking in on Ty/Carter/Amy on carpentry in their little white tent set up outside.


The designers leaving for the night and giving the contestants “homework” aka paint every surface or stuff pillows.


Paige magically appears to help with a special project, but really paints a shelf for five minutes and then disappears from camera…. And has no clue what she’s doing.

Paige’s final sitdown with the designers, where they usually just end up laughing, and discuss the final result.

Obviously, the reveal! Where the neighbors are absolutely floored (good or bad) when Paige un-blindfolds them and they get to see their new room.

When the cast of “7th Heaven” appeared on an episode, and it was glorious because who didn’t ship Lucy and Kevin???? (Basically it was the perfect combination of two of my favorite childhood shows.)

Then, when they made a kids edition, and legit my childhood dreams came true.

Like, when wasn’t “Trading Spaces” iconic? And design inspiration-worthy? Can’t wait for the debut of the new season, let’s queue up my DVR…

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