28 of the Best Home Decor Moments from “Big Little Lies”

Ok, I know I’m late to the party– well not late late per se, because I’ve wanted to watch “Big Little Lies” since it first aired, but since I just recently got access to someone’s HBO account (thanks a million, btw!), I FINALLY was able to watch the acclaimed miniseries.

While the series was gripping (OMG that ending!), I kept obsessing over the interior looks in virtually every scene, because hello, that’s me. Case in point:

Celeste and Perry’s outdoor living space

From the dining table and chairs, the place settings, and the living area chairs and pillows, I’m obsessed.

Celeste and Perry’s indoor dining area

OMG, this table, chairs and chandelier!

Madeline and Ed’s dreamy kitchen and island

My literal favorite interior space in the whole series: THAT ISLAND. The subway tile. The pendant lamps. The cabinets. Farmhouse sink. I want it all. MY DREAM KITCHEN.

Madeline and Ed have an amazing exterior

That outdoor living space (both levels). I want.

Renata’s ultra-modern home

Super sleek and modern, plus with a gorgeous view of the sunset from the glass-walled house.

Madeline and Ed’s armchairs and outdoor space

Plus, that dreamy view onto the beach.

Chairs in Celeste and Perry’s bedroom

Perfectly cozy for a bedroom suite.

Celeste and Perry’s walk-in closet *drools profoundly*

MY FAVORITE ROOM: Celeste’s closet. *heart eyes*

A second view of the McKenzie kitchen just because.

And those stools!

Literally the McKenzies live on the beach.

House location on point.

Celeste and Perry’s living and dining area oozes taste.

From the dining set, chandelier, carpeting, and chairs. Wow, it is both family-friendly and stylish.

Madeline and Ed’s bedroom

Start with the white marble fireplace, and the chair, and the bed, and the lamps… And basically I want her whole house.

Celeste and Perry’s entryway

Love the hall table with the mirror to greet guests into their well-decorated home.

Madeline and Ed’s foyer slash living area

Well, basically her whole house is gorgeous. And from the foyer, we get a glimpse of the gorgeous stair railing, entry table, and living room seating. Love.

Madeline and Ed’s living area

Special shoutout to the cabinet design, wine storage, and Abby’s notebooks (because I love cute stationary).

The McKenzies’ sectional and living area

It may be a dark scene, but I love their sectional sofa, chairs, and throw pillows. So chic yet cozy!

Renata’s living room space

It may be an ultra-modern house, but the stylish coffee table and sectional sofa works perfectly for six-year-old Amabella to play around. Also, that fancy staircase!

Madeline and Ed’s outdoor living space

Gah, I would die for outdoor living space. Especially if it came with a beachfront view.

Celeste’s therapist’s office

Starting with the french doors… It’s quaint but homey.

Ed McKenzie’s office space

His standing desk! The etched mirror! The printed throw pillows! The entertainment center! I’d want to work from home if I lived there too.

Seating area outside Celeste and Perry’s closet

A cute way to use blank extra space in the bedroom corner with an L-shaped bench.

Bonnie and Nathan’s cozy sectional

It’s super bohemian (hello, it is Bonnie’s style), but I love the sectional and throw pillows, and the glass lamp. Down-to-earth but comfortable at the same time.

Celeste and Perry’s dining room set

Love the dining chairs, chandelier, and blue striped carpet in particular.

Madeline and Ed’s bedroom set

First, that headboard. The pattered wallpaper. Seriously, Madeline has all the taste.

Madeline’s vanity

I’M OBSESSED. From the chair, to the desk, to the mirrors, I’m utterly obsessed. I want.

Celeste and Perry’s living area

Love the sectional and throw pillows! And the pop of blue on the accent wall!

Bonnie and Nathan’s wall art

Behind Nathan’s head in the kitchen, I love the unique wall art hanging on the wall underneath the sideboard.

The hammock-type thing in Bonnie and Nathan’s backyard

Abigail sits on this hanging thing in the Carlson’s backyard, and I love it. I want one.

Congrats to the cast and crew on its well-deserved award show nominations and your season two pick up. Of course I’ll be watching, and making even more mental notes of set decoration inspiration for my home as well.

What happens when you least expect it

Saturday, after I posted my last entry, a friend and I decided to be very touristy for a little bit and get out of the rain too. Who did we see?


The latest tributes fight it out in the Cornucopia. Hahaha I wouldn’t last a minute.


Had to promote my work on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!


But, I couldn’t miss my presidential speech in D.C….


JOBROS round 2!


A quick selfie with my super tall NYC buddy, Miss Taylor Swift.


Hey Ed, good to see you again!

That’s right, I went to Madame Tussauds! Haha we had fun, though I wish my 1D boys were in attendance! 😦 Ah, well there’s always London…

IMG_3893Sunday night began with a visit to Broadway to see Something Rotten with Christian Borle! (He won the TONY, as well as starred in the Legally Blonde musical and the TV show “Smash.”) The show was hilarious (it’s a muuusical!) and the best part had to be at the end: when Christian Borle was goofy-dancing (almost like ’embarrassing dad dancing’) off stage as the curtain fell. Best part of the night. Also, Borle as the cocky Shakespeare versus the sweet, adorable Emmett in Legally Blonde: so drastically different! But, the show as a whole was fantastic! After the show, we decided to Uber back with some interesting results, to say the least.

Monday was our class day and we visited three FINANCE sites. Can you hear me yawning? I actually kind of fell asleep at one of the stops. Sorry- now I know I can never work at a financial firm. Also, I learned a salad that primarily is made with kale is not my thing: blech.

Tuesday began with my supervisor asking if any of us interns can sew. I said I could-ish. Then, I was off to what is quickly becoming my new favorite store, Lee’s Art Shop— it has so many craft supplies and other miscellaneous items in store!


Making some Martha Stewart-approved fabric flowers for an upcoming shoot in a fall issue!

Then, I pretty much sewed all day: it was very relaxing, therapeutic. I popped in my headphones, played some slow Ed Sheeran ballads and I had a relaxing time stitching; the time just flew by! Also, I was able to find some cute bangles the accessories apartment was giving away!

Wednesday, I kept unpacking and sewing for our shoot next week: it’s still relaxing– and easier to get the hang of once you actually know how to do it! Also, after lunch the fashion team brought huge tubs into the conference room for giveaways! The area was packed with GH employees sifting through all sorts of clothes and accessories. I even found a cute purse, hat and socks!

I came home to work on some essays due tomorrow, but hey I have Thursday and Friday off work for the holiday, so that’s nice! Then, my friend and I decided to try a gelato place near NYU: I had a really good mix of raspberry and hazelnut. As we were eating our gelato cones, guess what we randomly saw??

A film crew! There were director seats that read “rock and roll” in a typewriter-esque font, a craft services tent and all sorts of crew members around!IMG_3913

Not to mention the amount of trailers with vanity mirrors inside!

IMG_3914 IMG_3915

In fact, one trailer read “Zak,” which is a character in the show, who is played by actor Ray Romano.

Being a journalist, I knew I had to do some sleuthing to find out the specifics:

IMG_3917  IMG_3916

Turns out, “Rock and Roll” is an upcoming HBO series that was filming: and we saw the whole process, how cool was that! See what happens when you least expect it in Manhattan?

Thursday and Friday, I don’t know what is in store: stay tuned.

Until next time, Miranda xx