7 Chic Pieces for a Rainy Day from Hunter x Target

The latest designer collab with Target is rainy-day chic!

Target has been known for its chic designer collabs popping up in stores, from Lilly Pulitzer, Victoria Beckham, and Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, to name a few of the sold-out-within-hours collections. Next up, a fashion and accessories collection with famed British rain boots brand, Hunter.

Arriving Saturday, April 14, Hunter x Target is “inspired by family, festival and forces of nature” for a limited-edition collection “built on a philosophy of everyday adventure and a forecast of fun,” the Target site reads. The collaboration includes boots, outerwear, clothing, shoes, accessories and outdoor gear for the whole family.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite fun, casual and cute Hunter x Target picks that will be sure to perk up any rainy day this spring.

1. Hunter for Target Women’s Waterproof Rain Boots

How could you do a Hunter collab without featuring their famous boots? That would be totally impossible! Boots for women, men and kiddos will all be available in different colors, patterns and height (knee and ankle length options). K, adding to my shopping cart now.

2. Hunter for Target Women’s Hooded Trench Coat – Khaki

I love this chic trench coat: perfect to keep your ensemble dry on rainy days without sacrificing style. A fun red stripe adds style and color to this hooded rain jacket. Where do I swipe my credit cart already??

3. Hunter for Target Women’s Side Zip Pencil Skirt – Black

I’m absolutely OBSESSING over this pencil skirt. It looks perfect for work hours as well as for after-hours and weekend days. Must-have list, for sure. And it’s black, so it’ll go with everything. Win-win.

4. Hunter for Target Small Pouch Bag

Available in a variety of hues, this small clutch is absolutely adorable to carry all your necessities for those days when you can’t lug a big tote (see below) around. I’m personally fond of the black and red options.

5. Hunter for Target Outdoor Blanket

Even though I’m not the most outdoorsy person, I find this outdoor printed blanket (in both red and blue patterns) to be absolutely perfect for a summer picnic or curling up with a book under a tree in the park. Sign me up!

6. Hunter for Target Rubber Handle Tote Bag

Walk around town carting all your belongings in this big bright tote that can hold it all. I think this would be absolutely perfect for my family’s vacation up in Idaho this summer, especially when we go up to the lake for a day! It’ll perfectly hold all of our beach belongings, while looking super cute. Or just using while running daily errands. Either works.

7. Hunter for Target Bubble Umbrella

Stay dry with the large and bright umbrella to keep your look in tact when it’s pouring out. It’ll add some much needed cheer on those dreary, rain-filled days! Cute and practical: just what I’m looking for in an umbrella!

Prepare to Be Obsessed With the Gaines’ Hearth and Hand Target Home Decor Collection

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty obsessed with home decor, HGTV, and Fixer Upper. And with this weekend’s release of Target’s Hearth and Hand capsule collection (brought to you by Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines), the home decor line is chock full of gorgeous items that will guarantee to give your home a dose of Fixer Upper vibes.

I fully expect the collection to completely sell out fast, given the Gaines’ popularity and the success of Target’s past collabs (Missoni, Lilly Pulitzer, Marimekko, Victoria Beckham, etc) which was why I logged onto the store’s website early Sunday morning to grab my faves. While I had to severely cut down my wish list (uhhhhh, thanks a lot rent), I did manage to grab a few ultra adorable pieces. (Pssst: Mom, Chanukah. Wishlist. Just saying…)

I’m clearly not the only one OBSESSING over this collection, as social media was all abuzz of my fellow Fixer Upper-obsessed fans.

Even Chip Gaines couldn’t stifle his excitement.

Gaines captioned the shot of himself sleeping in a tent outside his local Target, “Being first in line for the launch of Hearth and Hand with Magnolia is about to pay off big time.”

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite picks of the collection (which is going to be narrowed down a lot, because ideally I could fit everything in here, but that would end up way too long, so alas, here are five of my must-have items from Hearth and Hand.

1. Woven Tassel Throw Blanket

I’m absolutely obsessed with this throw blanket… I only wish I had any pops of green in my apartment so it would match something…

2. Journal Set

I’m a writer, so of course I’d be a sucker for a cute, printed notebook.

3. Embroidered X Pattern Throw Pillow

An adorable throw pillow. I already have an exact location for this pillow– All I’m missing is the pillow now…

4. Morning Beautiful Stoneware Mug

So cute! And what a perfect way to inspire you in the mornings!

5. Plaid Pet Bed

This dog bed is SO cute! All I want is my puppy to sleep here, but alas, my yorkie can’t sleep on her own bed (and believe me, I’ve tried). So, ugh I guess that’s a no for my puppy. Sad.

Well, at least with the news of the last season of the show fast approaching, we can at least add a little of Fixer Upper and Magnolia’s farmhouse chic into our own homes…