20 Celebs Who Make Working Out a Family Affair

Sometimes the best (and cutest!) workout buddies are your little ones.

Working out with a buddy can make exercise way more fun and motivating than going at it solo. While we love sweating with girlfriends and hubbies, the cutest workout partners have to be adorable kiddos, often completing (or attempting to at least) their parents’ workout regimens side-by-side. And celebs are no exception, ‘gramming photos and videos of how they teach their little ones the importance of fitness and healthy living.

1. Michelle Obama

The former First Lady, and champion of the Let’s Move campaign, recommends any type of outdoor exercise, like when she takes former White House pups Bo and Sunny for walks. And a favorite activity for the whole fam, including daughters Sasha and Malia? Family bike rides. Could they be any more #FamilyGoals?

2. Carrie Underwood

The country songstress wassn’t the biggest fan of yoga — until she found the perfect companion in her 2-year-old son Isaiah. His firetruck footie jammies just make the moment, don’t they?

3. Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin is a fitness expert professionally, but even experts sometimes need a hand to stay balanced. Her kiddos are ready to assist Mama during her mid-morning yoga sesh.

4. Mario Lopez

The “Saved By The Bell” alum certainly sees exercise as a family activity, as he gets his wife Courtney and two kiddos (and they family dog!) to join in on his workout plans.

5. Gisele Bündchen

We all know how hard the Brady-Bundchen clan works to stay in shape. Instead of working out alone, the supermodel prefers the company of her brood and teachers her kiddos to do yoga. Beach sunsets just make the perfect backdrop, right?

6. Chris Hemsworth

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The family who trains together, stays together!

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You heard the “Thor”actor: the family that works out together, stays together! Who needs dumbbells when you can use your little one?

7. Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Sometimes even the actress and dancer needs a little help getting her morning run started. Luckily, daughter Everly is on board to stretch it out with Mama to keep her focused.

8. Jason Momoa

It’s obvious that the buff actor works out to keep his bod in tip-top shape. But as a dad, he knows to teach his kiddos to exercise too. Family rock wall climb, anyone?

9. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore teaches her girls the mindful practice of yoga, with mother-daughter classes held in their backyard. Who needs regular workout clothes when you can sub in your “Frozen” princess costumes?

10. Justin Baldoni

The “Jane the Virgin” actor often posts Instagram videos of his gym workouts. But, this one takes the cake where Baldoni and his wife Emily take their little girl Maiya to their salsa dancing lesson. She sits in Daddy’s arms as her ‘rents whirl around the studio. Can’t wait to see this cool family tradition evolve as she gets older!

11. Dwayne Johnson

The action star is just a big ole softy, like letting his niece pretend she’s got super strength to pull a helicopter. If it inspires her to continue her fitness, we’re all for it!

12. Michael Phelps

It was only a matter of time before the record-breaking Olympic swimmer got his little boy Boomer into the pool — and it happened before he could even walk!

“We basically hop in two or three times a week,” Phelps told People. “Boomer loves it, he floats around in our hands trying to swim butterfly. He loves being in the water and he doesn’t mind going under.” And apparently, this toddler is already better than when his dad was his age! Phelps continued, “He doesn’t like being on his back and that’s how I learned to swim. He’s a step ahead of me.”

So, Olympics 2036?

13. Lily Aldridge

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My favorite workout partner 🐒🐒🐒

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The supermodel has the best partner when it comes to getting in the core exercises that keep her runway ready. Psst, Lily: your daughter’s getting a workout too, climbing on Mommy like she would a jungle gym!

14. Eric Decker

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'Faster daddy, faster!' Little Friday motivation!

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When the NFL player hits the gym, he too needs a little extra motivation to keep going sometimes. Lucky for him, 3-year-old Vivianne has the cheerleader role down pat.

15. Mark Zuckerberg

Since the Facebook founder is busy running social media, he doesn’t have a ton of time to balance that with home life and fitness. His solution? Strapping daughter Max onto his back and completing a few at-home workouts, with the ultimate coach giggling behind Daddy, telling him to go faster.

16. Jay Cutler

The pro football player takes a special training buddy to help Daddy at his practices. Definitely the coolest kid on the field!

17. Hilary Duff

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Workin on the new act #LUCdusoleil

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The “Younger” actress and her five-year-old son Luca have created their own gymnastics-themed exercise, titled “Luc Du Soleil.” Where do we buy tickets?

18. David Beckham

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So so proud 💜🚴🏻‍♀️

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Of course, as a professional athlete, Beckham has learned how to stay in tip-top shape, and that’s a lesson he’s passed along to his four kiddos. So it’s no surprise he’d be so proud of 5-year-old daughter Harper when she masters her bicycle all by herself. #ProudDadAlert

19. Kelly Clarkson

Two-year-old River Rose loves to bust a move with her Mama, former “American Idol” champ Kelly Clarkson. Who needs a rigid gym routine when you and your little one can dance it out? Talk about a fun fitness idea!

20. Reese Witherspoon


As a busy actress, business owner, and mom of three, we often wonder how Reese Witherspoon even has time to think about fitness. And easy solution to getting in both fitness and family bonding: taking hikes with her kiddos, especially when they travel, as her son Deacon ‘grammed. Deja vu to her “Wild” trek?

What could be a better way to teach your kiddos the importance of exercise than by letting them join in on Mommy and Daddy’s workouts?

This piece was originally written for Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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