Hello blog followers!

Sorry it’s been awhile: I’ve been crazy busy with newspaper work, midterm work and having my computer break on me and having to do all my homework and internship searching without it. Sad face. 

So quick catch up post on things that occurred while I was away from WordPress.

1. The Bachelor Chris Soules chose, and proposed to Whitney. I squealed upon watching that final moment of the episode.

2. I’m going to NYC this weekend for Teen Vogue’s annual Fashion University and I’m so excited to learn more about working in the magazine industry, networking and exploring the CONDE NAST office. I’m so excited!!!

3. I’m still obsessed with TGIT, Once Upon a Time and Hart of Dixie has ever. (It’s just so good/addicting!)

4. In case you might have missed it, I have a new URL and header! ( Just thought it fit my subject better.)

Well, back to class. Write more later! (I definitely plan on blogging from NYC and FashionU!)


Guess what? So, I had applied for a program with my school for this summer… and I got in!!! Guess where I’ll be?!?!?!

That’s right, NYC. I’ll be taking a class (where we get a backstage tour of the Gershwin!), wandering the city (Hello? I must go see If/Then, finally!) and wait for it: INTERNING. And as a journalism major, I’m hoping for a magazine internship!

We get to explore the city, take class (hands-on exploring) in the fields of Comm (!!), business, and theater/broadway (My inner fangirl is shrieking right now.) We will then be researching one area in the city for a big paper, and it can be ANYthing! And on top of that, interning! Which, I may admit that my Chanukah present from my parents will be the perfect addition to my NYC magazine internship wardrobe. 😉


I’ll try to post a weekly (if not daily or every other day– it all depends on my schedule with interning) blog post this summer from my experience.

I’m so excited, I’ve been pinning outfits for my internship:

And COMMENT BELOW if you have any suggestions on places to visit or networking opportunities for internships! (I’ve only made it to the city once.)

After all,

**Note: these graphics are courtesy of tumblr.