What’s in my makeup bag?

Hey loyal readers! What’s in my makeup bag? Here’s my secrets to beauty!

  1.  Leopard print bedazzled compact IMG_2940
  2. Black compact (Hey, gotta have options right?)
  3. 2 eyeshadow palettes (bright and neutral colors)
  4. CoverGirl smoky shadow blast (pink tones)
  5. Mini Sephora eyeliner
  6. Purple eyeliner (2)
  7. Red liplinerIMG_2941
  8. Red gloss
  9. Red liquid lip color
  10. Red lipstick (It was for Prom senior year!!)
  11. Sephora mini mascara
  12. Burt’s Bees cuticle creamIMG_2942
  13. Eos (love love love!)
  14. Everyday eyeshadow from Sephora (purple and brown)
  15. Blush from Sephora, with sparkles
  16. My day to day brushes (can fit in a travel makeup bag too)
  17. Light pink lip gloss from Sephora
  18. Mascara (2), one Sephora and one CoverGirl
  19. Black eyeliner from SephoraIMG_2944
  20. Kid’s toothbrush as an eyebrow brush (hey it’s cheaper, and does the exact same as an expense eyebrow brush!) 


That’s my makeup routine. What’s yours?

My Make-up Tips

Who knows what Covergirl is? I know the answer: DUH. Who doesn’t know what Covergirl is? So, let me ask again. Who thinks Covergirl is just like any other makeup brand?

Your answer: No. Covergirl, while selling makeup, tries to EMPOWER women, not pressure them to wear so much makeup it changes who they are. Covergirl tries to enhance one’s NATURAL BEAUTY.

And guess what? That’s what we should be focusing on. Not wearing loads of makeup that it looks like it’s caked on your face, but minimalist, so your personality is what sparkles.

MAKEUP TIP: On normal days, I literally wear the tiniest line of eyeliner, a small swipe of mascara, and a little lip balm. No glamour. Just me. And I’m confident enough in myself that I’m okay with that. I’m not trying to look like I’m going to the Oscars, when I’m really just going to Target or Starbucks.

Photo on 6-24-14 at 10.50 AM

(See? Very minimal makeup. And I’m still happy in the way I look.)

And that’s one thing we need to work on: making women and girls feel confident that they don’t need so much makeup to feel beautiful and special. You’re special all on your own… Just YOU and your PERSONALITY. Because that’s what SHOULD matter.

Let’s stand up to society and prove we know how to make girls feel confident in their natural beauty. Let’s tell the world, “Who cares? My personality can outshine all this makeup. And I’m confident in myself not to wear so much.”

Who’s with me? As I read on CNN’s Girl Rising initiative, if one girl can make change, then what’s stopping thousands of girls? Let’s stand up for our future and for the future of all the little girls to come.

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