Nothing is more fashionable then the Met Gala…

Sorry, it’s been a while! My schedule has been way hectic between homework and classes, assignments, writing jobs, spring break and my internship search, and unfortunately, this blog sort of got cast aside for the time being. But, fear not! Because, I’m back! And hopefully with regularly scheduled posts! Yay!

And since tonight is the pinnacle of fashion events for the year, I thought I’d post my red carpet review.

This year the theme is Manus X Machina (aka the intersection of fashion and technology) and I know visiting the exhibit will be on the top of my NYC plans this summer for sure. Here’s Vogue’s exclusive peek at the exhibit. Can you say gorge??

And on top of that, the documentary about the gala prep (First Monday in May) will be released on iTunes tomorrow– so excited for that. #fashionobsessed

Now onto my review:

Che688DU8AAtxm4 Oh wow, first arrivals and killing it: Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture and her daughter Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen. Both stunning.  But when can Miss Wintour do wrong with fashion??? (The answer is never.)

gallery-1462228713-gettyimages-527337240 There’s something about Alicia Vikander’s Louis Vuitton dress that I kind of like…. I’m normally not a fan of the mismatched look, but there’s something here that is so edgy and it does fit with the gala theme that just works…

gallery-1462227541-gettyimages-527325454 Poppy Delevingne’s Marchesa dress is gorge! The whole look is ahmazing, but then again Marchesa is one of my all-time favorite formalwear designers. I’m not a huge fan of the chunky necklaces though…

ChfJudaUkAAN4z7 Co-chair Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton: love it! I haven’t been the biggest fan of her new platinum ‘do, but here, it’s growing on me as it perfectly matches the vibe of her edgy dress… and THOSE SHOES.

ChfQwAKWgAEjYw1 Love Karlie Kloss’ cape over the dress. Super sophisticated, but as soon as she removed the cape, it becomes a super sleek, tailored dress with cutouts galore. Stunning. And for the after party, Brandon Maxwell literally just cut off the bottom half– and it still looked just as amazing.

ChfQxZDVEAA-WDZ Heartthrob status on Nick Jonas. That is all.

gettyimages-527343816 Rose Byrne gives Old Hollywood glam here and I’m digging its vibe from the classic silhouette, and simple hairstyle.

ChfMmxbUgAAepQE Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton just doesn’t work for me. One, it looks a little too informal for this famous gala. Two, it more closely resembles the punk theme a few years ago. And three, the other Louis girls have way better gowns tonight.

gallery-1462230991-gettyimages-527338244 Chloe Grace Moretz stuns in this gown. I’m obsessed. More than that, I want it. That is all. Hair, markup, wardrobe is pure perfection on the teen.

gallery-1462230797-gettyimages-527343770 From Selena Gomez’s bridal gown from last year, Vera Wang has taken a page from past Gala hits for Rita Ora this year. I just feel like it’s too much of a repeat from prior years, but it is impeccably tailored.

gallery-1462230873-gettyimages-527338072 Saoirse Ronan has gone— I don’t even know how to explain this. Yes, it’s high fashion, but does it have too much going on, I wonder? Between the feathers, the brooch, the collar– I wonder if it’s all too much together.

ChfLJG4WYAEv3XM Like a high fashion version of the Hamilton ensemble outfit. Is SJP trying to predict Tony noms for the show??? (which are announced tomorrow morning) But seriously, all I see HAMILTON. Someone please back me up– right???

gallery-1462232686-gettyimages-527344724 Kendall Jenner: the one Kardashian-Jenner sister with a bonafide career and she has the worst dress of her sisters… How did her sisters who are only really known for their E! show and social media get gorgeous custom Balmain gowns?? I just don’t understand.

gettyimages-527344554_master Hailey Baldwin looks like a glittery referee with Angelina Jolie’s leg slit, and I’m not feeling the look. Last year, I loved her Topshop mini, but she’s gone downhill this year.

gallery-1462232767-gettyimages-527344682 Kylie Jenner: congrats on being the best dressed Kardashian-Jenner sister at the gala! Her Balmain gown is impeccable and the bob shows a simplistic elegance that we’ve never seen on Kylie– but it looks ahmazing: welcome to the #BalmainArmy, Kylie.

gallery-1462232219-gettyimages-527344450 Love Demi Lovato’s black, gold and silver sequined gown with the slicked-back bob. Looks so chic.

ChfPlujXEAc3QFc Zoe Saldana’s TRAIN, oh my gosh! Truly stunning. The showstopper of the night for sure!


ChfU17DWkAAcUIo Kerry Washington debuts her baby bump tonight and some awesome purple hair! Love the dress, mesh gloves and the purple hair! A fashionista per usual…

ChfOYyzWUAEKiFL Jourdan Dunn: love her Balmain gown and her highlighted bob!

gallery-1462234323-gettyimages-527358752 Luptia N’yongo looks like a Disney princess in the emerald Calvin Klein gown! Gorge.

gallery-1462235072-gettyimages-527358312 Wow, love Karolina Kurkova’s Marchesa gown! Truly stunning.

gettyimages-527367856 High fashion it couple alert? Congrats to Zayn on his first Met Gala and I’m kind of digging the cool, edgy vibe of the “robot” arm thing? It looks super haute couture. He looks like a badass in Versace. But, Gigi decided to play it really safe and matronly– in other words, boring. I’m sorry, she’s 21: you should be taking fashion risks, like your boyfriend.

gettyimages-527359624 Matching baby bumps for Emily Blunt and Olivia Wilde! Both beautiful gowns, but meh, not very exciting.

gallery-1462236968-gettyimages-527368416 Beyonce in Givenchy wins. Per usual, Givenchy knows how to create a showstopping gown and so does Mrs. Carter.

gallery-1462236615-gettyimages-527368044 I don’t care it’s it’s Kanye West– you don’t wear RIPPED JEANS and denim jacket to the MET GALA. Are you crazy, Kanye? And Kim’s look is too… blah, not a fan.

gallery-1462237374-gettyimages-527368274 I sort of like Kate Hudson’s gown? It’s very high fashion, yes, but I think it’s a little to many weird cutouts and pieces hanging off that take it to a level that I’m not a huge fan of… And the shape and color is reading bridal to me?

gallery-1462236363-gettyimages-527367920 Blake Lively is normally one of my style icons who can do no wrong as is Burberry, but this is just…. eh…. I don’t like how the photographers captured the train tulle thing. From other angles, it looks so elegant, but here it looks like way too much. But, great, sleek hair, makeup and earrings.

ChfkavkWMAIaNq_ How iconic for Marc Jacobs to walk the carpet with Bette Midler?? Legend. And he did a great job with her couture dress and headpiece.

Overall, some good, some bad, some meh– but all in all, there was no shortage of high fashion, which is just as I like it.

Those are some of my thoughts! Check out all the arrivals on Vogue for more fashion goodness.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.33.02 PM

The fabulous Met Ball ensembles!

Well, you may know that I’m like obsessed with fashion, so what could be more exciting than the Met Ball red carpet?

CEMoSmXUIAEB_54 Lizzy Caplan looks like a grecian goddess in her Donna Karen Atelier gown, and has a flawless updo and dangly earrings to complete the look.

CEMkhk8UsAIkEJH Anne Hathaway is dazzling in gold, in a gown very fitting of the “China: Through the Looking Glass” theme of the event. And love the hood with her slicked-back hair!

CEMeYEcUsAAFV05 And there’s super-suave TFIOS actor Ansel Elgort, who looks dapper in his Tom Ford tux with slicked-back hair.

CEMibGNUIAALvoF Zac Posen instagrammed this shot of him and his date Katie Holmes. LOOK AT THAT GOWN. IT IS FABULOUS. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

CEMeNeIUUAA6KMl  Emma-Roberts-600x900 Emma Roberts also instagrammed this shot in the car ride to the gala, and she looks flawless: from her gown (color and shape!), jewels, hair and her clutch: head-to-toe perfection.

CEMmyCpUMAA-C_E Jennifer Lawrence looks fab in her sleek gown with a floral crop top: bringing an edginess to the Met Ball. Also, love the high bun to finish off the look.

CEMpA0oUgAATJvW Love Alicia Keys’ tutu-esque tulle skirt with the crop top and matching blazer. Love it! Fabulous! I want that skirt!!!

CEMpciVWoAA4pvU What red carpet is complete without Sarah Jessica Parker? SJP looks amazing in her haute couture dress that epitomizes the event theme. And who else could rock a headpiece like Carrie Bradshaw?

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.55.33 PM  CEMrQORWEAEJ_yP “Gigi” Broadway star  Vanessa Hudgens looks ah-mazing in her red, bedazzled tea-length gown and the black, sparkly bird cage mask!!! LOVE! Definitely a best-dressed contender.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.25.19 PM Anna Wintour, who could even critique her?

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.34.45 PM Tory Burch looks gorge in a simple floral gown, love the shoulder straps!

CEMtMlwVIAA4xyS Dianna Agron is bringing a simplistic elegance to the carpet, but wow, it’s stunning.

CEMtDcGUEAAept1 Selena Gomez in her sleek Vera Wang gown looks fab, and love the headpiece!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.36.08 PM Georgia May Jagger looks totally edgy, but fashion-forward! Love the print, belt, sleeve length and flounce, and the hairpiece!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.36.36 PM  Allison-Williams-600x900 Allison Williams: flawless as usual.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.34.18 PM OH MY GOSH, Kerry Washington looks ah-mazing. Obsessed with the Barbie-pink Cinderella gown, and love the back straps with the bow!!!

CEMtptyWMAAIV3D.jpg-large Hailey Baldwin looks ahmazing in Topshop! I want her dress!

CEMxzFhUMAEqk7c Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks gorgeous in her skintight, nude and sparkly gown. Very couture.

CEMxiJUVEAAW9QO Love Dakota Johnson’s sparkly Chanel dress with her wavy bob!

CEMzsqOUgAE-cKL.jpg-large And then Hollywood it-couple, George and Amal, who stuns in a red John Galliano ball gown. Gorge. Hair, dress; everything is perfection.

What were your favorite fashion moments from the biggest fashion event of the year?