Screen Actors Guild 2015 Red Carpet Recap

So, the SAG Awards happened tonight, and I wanted to post a fashion review, but like everyone’s taught growing up, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That and I have no idea who half the people were who walked the carpet. So, on to the looks I did like.

slide_397634_4898268_compressed Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” looks gorgeous. I love a tasteful, tulle gown. And this looks great.

slide_397634_4898008_compressed And Bowen’s costar Sarah Hyland in Vera Wang. Ok, so, I like this dress, however I’m not digging the top. It’s just a little low-cut for her particular build.

la-et-sag-awards-2015-red-carpet-pictures-014 I just had to put the oh-so-dapper and adorable Eddie Redmayne on here, just because.

slide_397634_4898250_compressed Julianne Moore in Givenchy looks a bit like a shiny mermaid here. But, it’s a gorgeous dress. I just wish her hair was up in a bun. Would’ve made the whole thing look more sophisticated.

slide_397634_4898314_compressed Felicity Jones in Balenciaga. This is the epitome of high fashion/haute couture and I think she looks positively regal. However, the color looks slightly… nude. Which is never a good look anywhere your photo will be taken.

slide_397634_4898318_compressed Emma Stone is the best BEAUTY look of the night, because, let’s face it, her “dress” is a hot mess. (It’s like a tailored men’s blazer that she added a sheer layer underneath to make it look like a dress.) But, her hair and makeup looks flawless; impeccable.

slide_397634_4898166_compressed Viola Davis. Gorge. She is very good a finding fabrics/colors that accentuate her skin, making her look radiant.

slide_397634_4898288_compressed Julia Roberts and I share our camp in common, so, obviously she’s awesome. And her Givenchy pantsuit looks impeccably tailored.

slide_397634_4898306_compressed And finally Sarah Paulson, you know, I’d say how great this dress was except I’ve already said that when Taylor Swift has rocked it… on a red carpet. I don’t do repeat reviews, sorry Sarah.

Any hits and misses that you noticed?

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