SAG Awards Red Carpet Review

Next award show: SAG Awards. Check.

Next blog: red carpet review. Here we go!

rs_634x1024-170129165832-634-2017-screen-actors-guild-natalie-portman I don’t know what I think about Natalie Portman’s dress. It’s very high fashion, yes, but I’m not sure if it’s ready-to-wear? It seems a little too editorial for a carpet. I do love the sleeves though.

rs_634x1024-170129165845-634-emma-stone-sag-awards-2017 Emma Stone: meh. I don’t like this split personalities of the dress. Does it want to be sexy and lace? Or floral and bohemian? Individually,the styles look great but together? Not so much.

rs_634x1024-170129165629-634-salma-hayek-sag-awards-2017 Salma Hayek: yikes. The color yellow is very hard to pull off, the pink ruffle looks horrendous and the weird pink ribbon tied around her waist. It looks like a bad bridesmaid dress.

rs_634x1024-170129165101-634-kerry-washington-cm-12917 Kerry Washington looks stunning. Love how it looks effortless, vintage-inspired and still glamorous. Best dressed.

rs_634x1024-170129165010-634-2017-screen-actors-guild-michelle-williams Michelle Williams is simplistic and elegant, and yet it works.

rs_634x1024-170129165315-634-meryl-streep-sag-awards-2017 Meryl Streep looks effortless and boho chic.

rs_634x1024-170129163440-634-sofia-vergara-cm-12916 Sofia Vergara went for something totally different here and it works. I love the midi length and the tulle skirt. I just feel like it’s a little youthful for her.

rs_634x1024-170129165028-634-julia-louis-dreyfus-sag-awards-2017 Julia-Louis Dreyfus looks chic and elegant in her black and gold gown, two colors that can never go wrong.

rs_634x1024-170129164623-634-2017-screen-actors-guild-gina-rodriguez Gina Rodriguez is super high fashion meets RTW, and it works. Gorge. End of story.

rs_634x1024-170129164348-634-2017-screen-actors-guild-taraji-p-henson Taraji P. Henson gets her princess moment in this pink Reem Acra. Love it.

rs_634x1024-170129160926-634-emily-blunt-sag-awards-2017 Emily Blunt goes for the gold here. Very nice. Just wish she added something to her neck, it’s pretty bare.

rs_634x1024-170129160329-634-sophia-bush-sag-awards-2017 Wow, Sophia Bush’s dress is bright, neon pink. Okay, now that my eyes have adjusted— I like the shape, very fashion-forward and couture. Love the little embellishments on the ruffle thing.

rs_634x1024-170129163529-634-2017sag-awards-yara Yara Shahidi looks stunning for the teen star. Gorgeous choice.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-51-51-am Rami Malek is the epitome of best dressed male on the red carpet! Edgy, but just edgy enough to make a statement. Rami, keep doing what you’re doing– I approve.

rs_634x1024-170129155542-634-2017-screen-actors-guild-claire-foy Love Claire Foy’s Valentino gown. Stunning. Perfection. Well done. And I can’t wait for next series of The Crown.

So many gorgeous gowns, can’t wait to see what’ll be next!


Screen Actors Guild 2015 Red Carpet Recap

So, the SAG Awards happened tonight, and I wanted to post a fashion review, but like everyone’s taught growing up, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That and I have no idea who half the people were who walked the carpet. So, on to the looks I did like.

slide_397634_4898268_compressed Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” looks gorgeous. I love a tasteful, tulle gown. And this looks great.

slide_397634_4898008_compressed And Bowen’s costar Sarah Hyland in Vera Wang. Ok, so, I like this dress, however I’m not digging the top. It’s just a little low-cut for her particular build.

la-et-sag-awards-2015-red-carpet-pictures-014 I just had to put the oh-so-dapper and adorable Eddie Redmayne on here, just because.

slide_397634_4898250_compressed Julianne Moore in Givenchy looks a bit like a shiny mermaid here. But, it’s a gorgeous dress. I just wish her hair was up in a bun. Would’ve made the whole thing look more sophisticated.

slide_397634_4898314_compressed Felicity Jones in Balenciaga. This is the epitome of high fashion/haute couture and I think she looks positively regal. However, the color looks slightly… nude. Which is never a good look anywhere your photo will be taken.

slide_397634_4898318_compressed Emma Stone is the best BEAUTY look of the night, because, let’s face it, her “dress” is a hot mess. (It’s like a tailored men’s blazer that she added a sheer layer underneath to make it look like a dress.) But, her hair and makeup looks flawless; impeccable.

slide_397634_4898166_compressed Viola Davis. Gorge. She is very good a finding fabrics/colors that accentuate her skin, making her look radiant.

slide_397634_4898288_compressed Julia Roberts and I share our camp in common, so, obviously she’s awesome. And her Givenchy pantsuit looks impeccably tailored.

slide_397634_4898306_compressed And finally Sarah Paulson, you know, I’d say how great this dress was except I’ve already said that when Taylor Swift has rocked it… on a red carpet. I don’t do repeat reviews, sorry Sarah.

Any hits and misses that you noticed?