Cheers from London with a Fashion Update

Hi from England! I’m currently in the midst of my first week in London on study abroad (for all my abroad adventures check out my travel blog here.) and I’ve been a bit obsessed with the fashion scene while I’ve been here so far.

First, today I had much-needed visit to some British fashion meccas: Harrods and Topshop. (And they were right across the street from each other… Lucky, huh?!? It’s perfect.) Also, since I’ll be here for London Fashion Week, I’ll definitely try to post reviews of collections once they are available or even a review of street style (Love the chicness of the native London citizens! Everyone is dressed to the nines! I feel right at home with my trench coat, wellies and riding boots.)

IMG_4565Now, on to the real purpose of this blog post. So, this past Sunday as I wandered through Kensington Gardens (literally right across the street from my flat), I stopped in to visit Kensington Palace (and I swear Prince Harry was leaving via helicopter as I arrived!) and saw such an AHMAZING fashion exhibit! It’s called “Fashion Rules” and features loans of gowns worn by the Queen, her sister Princess Margaret and Princess Di. Definitely recommend for any other fashion fanatics and those obsessed with the royal family (which is like all of America, lol).

The gowns were unreal to see in person, so I thought I’d share them below.


Vogue images from over the years (to correspond with the decade’s trends) lined the walls!

Gowns worn by the Queen (now officially Britain’s longest reigning monarch):



Gowns worn by Princess Margaret:





And now, gowns from Princess Diana (!!!):






They are all so stunning– I can’t single out one dress over the others that I love the most! They are all impeccably tailored and the details are just incredible. Can I please be a princess? Pretty pretty please? Harry, you listening?? 😉 To be able to wear gowns like that would be like a real dream come true… But, alas, I guess I’ll have to just stick to writing about gowns like that for now.

Well, that’s all for tonight. See you all later from the U.K.!

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.33.02 PM

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