Emmy’s Fashion Review

Last night was the Emmy Awards, and I have a lot of thoughts on the fashion I saw on the carpet. So, shall we get started?

January-Jones So, I like January Jones jumpsuit. The color is nice, the tailoring is good, her hair works. However, I’m not crazy about the starfish pendant that attaches to the “mermaid tail” type of this. It’s just odd.

Tatiana-Maslany There was a huge trend on the red carpet with women wearing pants. Not just any pants, but very unflattering pants. Case in point, Tatiana Maslany of “Orphan Black.” First, I like the concept of the white, tailored jacket with the hair. However, the hair is the only thing perfectly tailored here. The jacket is too big and too long and the pants… the pants!! Not only are they wrinkled, but look at how much it gathers around the crotch area. *shudders* And her black shoes do not match the all-white getup and the middle strap is weird too.

.Maisie-Williams Maisie Williams from “Game of Thrones:” I really like the dress and her hair, she’s young, so it works… And then you pan down to her shoes. I feel like those went out of  style in the 90s… as dress-up shoes. Just rip off the marabou, and you would have been fine.

Jaimie-Alexander Jaimie Alexander is wearing a gorgeous Armani Prive. What’s not so gorgeous is the poor fit, and the fact she must have been completely sweating in that L.A. heat.

Kiernan-Shipka “Mad Men” darling Kieran Shipka looks so cute in this frock. I like how since she’s so young, she’s taking a fashion risk… that paid off. (Think Emma Watson at the Oscars in that pantsuit.) The top is cute and playful: the only instance yellow on this red carpet worked.

Laura-Prepon I love this super high fashion dress on Laura Prepon! The color, the cape-y thing, her pale skin with dark hair, it just works. Love it.

Amanda-Peet I like the concept of this dress here on Amanda Peet, but I do think that triangle cutout thing is way to big for the long gown.

Gina-Rodriguez I love this “wedding” gown on Gina Rodriguez! Love the rosettes and the fabric. However, no necklace and the hair pulled back is making her look way too bridal.

Claire-Danes I like dress on Claire Danes, however, the chain link sideboob strap is a little strange and the neckline, not a fan. But, the color, sequins and shape of the dress work well.

Emma-Roberts Emma Roberts: BEST DRESSED OF THE WHOLE NIGHT. Everything is flawless for the “Scream Queens” star and my fellow camp alum. Her dress looks ahmazing, tailored to perfection, the belt is gorge and her hair looks perfect. Great job. Highest fashion honors.

Heidi-Klum Heidi Klum is a hot mess for the “Project Runway” host. First, yellow is not a color anyone can really pull off (red carpet or otherwise). Also, the sheer is a little too sheer and that one-sleeve 70s jacket sleeve is hideous… I mean, you can see the unfinished edges of the fabric! 100% the worst dressed.

Taylor-Schilling Taylor Schilling: another victim of the yellow dress curse. However, this one looks like she had to get dressed as they were still making it, as the top looks like they put the needle and thread through the top of it and tied it around her neck. Looks like a wardrobe malfunction is imminent.

Ariel-Winter Ariel Winter stuns in Romona Keveza, love it. It looks a little too Oscars or Golden Globes, not the Emmys and it looks too old on the teenager.

Sarah-Paulson Love Sarah Paulson’s dress, the shape, the color, the sleeves, everything! I just feel like I’ve seen it before. Meh.

Amy-Poehler First things first, I’m not a fan of Amy Poehler’s new died hair, it doesn’t work. Second, the bangles! How many horrendous WOODEN bracelets did she pile on? It looks like a preschool class’s art project is on display. And I’m not a fan on the wide cutouts on the dress here.

Sarah-Hyland Zac Posen created such an amazing look for Sarah Hyland! Love it! The hair and jewelry all complement the dress fabulously. Bravo, Zac. You’ve done it once again.

Maggie-Gyllenhaal I love this Peter Copping for Oscar de la Renta gown that Maggie  Gyllenhaal is wearing! Gorge! Love it! She looks flawless. Side note, did you see Allison Williams’ wedding dress that was custom made by Copping: truly gorgeous.

Tracee-Ellis-Ross Another Zac Posen stunner on Tracee Ellis Ross. Love the little details between each “tier.”

See-Every-Fashion-Moment-From-Emmys-Red-Carpet And no red carpet review could be complete without Kerry Washington. Love the length and interesting material: it works well and she is always styled to perfection, much like her television counterpart.

See, lots of opinions! Now, I want to hear your thoughts on the looks! And how did Andy Samberg do at hosting (loved his suit jacket from the carpet)?

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