What it’s like to attend the British Fashion Awards 2015

So, for all my fashionistas out there reading this, as you probably all know: tonight, Monday was the British Fashion Awards. It’s such a huge deal for the fashion scene in London, and I’m so glad I was able to attend! Let’s debrief the coveted night, shall we?

(For a look at all the amazing fashion, check out this gallery on ELLE! Note: I know I normally post red carpet fashion reviews, but since everyone was dressed so ahmazingly, the review would have been boring. So, settle for my inside, firsthand peek at what the event is actually like!)

By the time I arrived to the London Coliseum, the street was blocked off in anticipation and a queue formed down the block for non-famous attendees. As I positioned myself in line, I looked around at the fashions around me: stunning, both men and women alike. It really is true what they say about London being one of the most fashionable cities– this event brought out the most stylish of ensembles from everyone in attendance.



I’m on the red carpet!


Feeling official.

I wait in line (there was a slight delay in programming). And finally the red carpet beneath my feet leads me to the official sign where all the paparazzi photos are taken from (see above.) Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I follow the crowd, walk inside and up the steps to the balcony. Upon entering the room, I’m struck by how gorgeous the building is, and then right in the center of the floor were hundreds of guests eating dinner and mingling (see below.) I couldn’t stop staring at the sheer amount of gorgeous gowns and tailored tuxes.

I find my seat: Row D of the balcony, not too shabby. I take a seat and am so excited for the show to start.


A view from wayyy up in the balcony…

British comedian Jack Whitehall starts the show by discussing the immense talent of British designers, the true legends in the room (cough cough Lagerfeld) and poking fun at some famous attendees (Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell included.)


Comedian Jack Whitehall starts the show with some jokes!

With every moment that went on, I couldn’t believe that I was really here with these hugely influential names in front of me, all together celebrating the bright talents of British fashion.


Rosie Huntington Whitely and Nick Grimshaw, the first presenters! Love her dress, btw!


The runway show to celebrate 2015 in fashion. I honestly thought the construction workers were going to pull a Magic Mike type of thing: they did not.


Surprise! Lady Gaga sashays down the catwalk to accept the award on behalf of Tom Ford.


Congrats Jourdan Dunn on her Model of the Year award! And Oliver Rousteing of Balmain presented it to her, selfie stick in hand, and asked her to twerk instead of giving her speech.




PINCH ME I MUST BE DREAMING… That  legend and icon Karl Lagerfeld was really in the same room as me.


Another icon, Naomi Campbell presenting Burberry with the Creative Campaign award for its outstanding social skills.


The British public have spoken! They named FKA Twigs their style star. And she was so sweet dedicating the award to her mum and grandmother who has “sassy legs.”


The British public have spoken! They also named Gwendolyn Christie their style star. And she is so tall in real life.


Karlie Kloss makes an appearance! Woo, that makes two of us from my hometown in attendance!


Celeb crush of all time? Mr. Orlando Bloom.


That’s a wrap!


One last view….

I grab my goodie bag and follow the crowds out of the building to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” I walk outside where suddenly I’m being pelted by raindrops. I scurry down the street and find that a pub has an overhang I can stand under until my Uber driver arrives. Many people have the same idea, including one winner from the night. Guess who? CHRISTOPHER BAILEY, aka the genius behind Burberry’s biggest moments, AND he was standing right beside me for a moment in time. I still can’t believe THAT happened.

Ah, that was such an incredible night to celebrate the best of fashion here in London. I had an incredible time and truly enjoyed every moment of it. Definitely one of my favorite nights in London all semester and a memory I’ll always treasure…

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.33.02 PM

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