Keep Your Head Up: Personal Reflections

I don’t often share my personal thoughts or get deep on here, but rather, primarily sticking to fun and upbeat topics from wardrobe upgrades, book recommendations, or my random musings about various lifestyle topics and trends. Yet, the pandemic had changed everything for me, my career, and my perspectives, which has gotten harder to compartmentalize everything as I try to cope with changing realities. I know I’m hardly alone in that respect, and for all those people in similar situations, this post is for you.

Let me start this story by saying that before the pandemic struck, I couldn’t even fathom changing and pivoting my professional career at that moment in time. After years of freelancing and straight-up hustling trying to make it as a writer in the city after I graduated from college, I had finally landed a full-time position that I loved. I then spent nearly two years there and was so dedicated to both my and the company’s growth, without any immediate plans to find a new adventure. I enjoyed the content, the team, I was good at my role, everything. Then, the pandemic came and changed everything. I was completely blindsided when suddenly, almost out of nowhere, I was out of work and back job-hunting full-time just like millions of others this past April. When you’re already trying to cope with the new never-leaving-home reality when you’re all by yourself, adding in unemployment woes takes it to a whole other level of sorrow.

So, after eight-nine months of pivoting everything, taking freelance gig after freelance gig just to be able to make ends meet to cover my rent, plus endless job applications, interviews, and rejections, it was hard to see an end in sight. It was hard not to get dejected, fretting and imagining what my career path could look like moving forward or if I should give up and start over again in a more practical field, and all that without leaving my apartment because we were still in lockdown mode during what seems like a never-ending pandemic.

It’s discouraging as all hell, especially logging onto sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, and seeing everyone seemingly thrive while it seems like you’ve been left in the dust. Oh, this connection got a new job? New promotion? Your old companies are thriving just fine business-as-usual without you? All that makes everything sting even more. All that hurt, disappointment, rejection, and boredom boils up inside of you, and sometimes it feels like too much and you start to question if this path you’re trying to follow is even worth it. But, you know what, don’t give up. If that’s your dream, you cannot let rejections or lack of jobs stop you. If you want to write, start a blog, social media profiles, or find freelance hustles. Or even just write on a Word or Google Doc just for you. Do whatever you have to do to keep up your craft and passions because passion never abandons your soul, it’ll always be there however dormant o shoved down it may be. So, it’s not worth quitting what you love to do just because you can’t find a full-time gig right now. If it’s what you love, find a way to make it happen because your happiness and sanity are not worth giving up.

Now, I personally believe everything happens for a reason and refused to give up even when it was hard as hell. I tried to remember that every writer has experienced tens of thousands of rejections, and very rarely do succeed on a first try. However hard that was, I refused to let that deter me and wouldn’t allow myself to sit and wallow. So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps after each templated email rejection. I then booted up my Word Doc and started to come up with pitches for different sites I contributed to, applied for new freelance opportunities, developed a slate of posts for this blog, and started writing a new novel and short story. I did what I needed to keep my passions alive and spirits high. Each morning, I’d apply for three to five new job opportunities and then spend the rest of the day writing, editing, and more writing — even if it was just a fictional story draft for me or some post on here. I refused to give up or wallow while indulging in another Netflix, daylong binge. I made sure to keep regular working hours Monday-Friday, where I’d sit at my desk and churn out writing for some platform or another all day from 9-5. That structure saved me from excessive wallowing and hosing a pity party after all the rejections. This was my dream, and what type of coward would I be if I let some little medical pandemic stop me? I’m no coward, and I refused to stop trying or fighting. I was going to do what I needed to do.

From there, I became even more determined not only to find a full-time job, but one doing something I truly loved and could create the content I absolutely adore. I’m so grateful not only to have my side hustles and personal projects that creatively fulfill me and helped cover my expenses, but as of mid-December, I just received an actual offer. I’m so grateful and humbled to continue my dreams and career, while still creating and editing the content that I fiercely love. And to everyone in similar positions who still searching for work or yearning to make a change from where they are: Just remember that the tide will turn and something will come your way when it’s meant to, and so, it’s not worth giving up will things are hard right now. If you want it, work your butt off to make it happen. And the right time will happen exactly how and when it’s meant to. Just keep the faith and stay strong

Well, thanks for reading my rambling words. I know it’s probably not what you followed Quite Simply Miranda for, but I appreciate you taking the time to read. And everyone in a similar position, I see you. I understand you. And just remember, everything will happen as it’s meant to, and so, if this is your dream, don’t give up or abandon it.

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