How a theater nerd spends the Fourth weekend…

Hi everyone, I left you last time as I was uncertain about my holiday plans… Well, they were good ones. I’ll recap below.

IMG_3923_2On Thursday, after I finished my assignments due, I decided to make it a Broadway night, and went to see “It Shoulda Been You.” On the way to the theater, as I was exiting the subway, I did randomly run into a girl from my hometown that I hadn’t seen since tenth grade… Small world. The show was absolutely hilarious! Tyne Daly plays the perfect Jewish mother (Note: Mom, that will be you in a few years time for sure.) It was so funny and a heartwarming musical comedy about a couple’s wedding day when their families do not approve… But, I absolutely do approve of this show! (You see what I did there?? Okay, back to my tale now…)

The show ended and you know what that means? (Or you follow me on social, which would have spoiled this post for you.) STAGEDOOR! Want to see my photos?


The bride played by talented Broadway actress Sierra Boggess! (She was in Phantom, Little Mermaid, etc)


Lisa Howard who was amazing as the bride’s older sister.


Aaron Finley who played the groom! (He understudied David Burtka in the role and previously starred in Rock of Ages.)


Josh Grisetti who played the bride’s ex Marty.


All of the cast signed my playbill! (Except Tyne… she was too exhausted to come out to the stagedoor.)

That was fun! Note, the twist in the show was very unexpected! My jaw nearly dropped to the floor! While at stagedoor, I made a new friend (us theater nerds are pretty friendly while waiting at stagedoors…) who I then walked with to two other stagedoors.

First, we went to Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and I got autographs from the whole cast (didn’t see the show… yet.) And even a photo:


I met this year’s Tony winner, Alex Sharp! (and he signed the playbill with a smiley face besides his name…)

Off to the next stagedoor: Finding Neverland (sans a playbill). But, oh look, pictures!




Love Teal Wicks’ outfit! (pants from Zara)… And she played Matt Morrison’s wife in the show…

IMG_3963IMG_3967I got home via Uber at midnight and promptly set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. (No work Friday either…) So, Friday I arrived at the theater by a little before 7 and that made me the first in line for rush tickets! Yay!!! So, the box office opened at 10 and I promptly received my front row ticket to “Finding Neverland” for that evening! The show was so incredible! And to see it from right in the front was crazy! I loved it! Can’t wait to get the cast album in a few weeks! I even was a part of the number “Stronger!” So, during that song, there are ropes suspended from the ceiling at the front of the stage and one of the ensemble members (dressed as a pirate) kind of tapped me on the shoulder (pirate-like) like I was in the show with him! Crazy!


My view. Right down in front.

Next up, stagedoor. I got my playbill signed by pretty much all of the cast, and even got to chat with two of the children in the show and Melanie Moore (who played Peter Pan and even won SYTYCD season 8… so naturally we talked about the Stage/Street season going on now… We’re both rooting for Travis Wall’s stage team, obviously!)


Oh look, it’s Matt Morrison making a repeat appearance on this blog post… (See, different days: different shirts!)

Saturday was the 4th of July! And I decided to celebrate by visiting the stagedoor of Something Rotten at its matinee performance. I got my playbill signed (first autograph/ photo with all the actors!) and even had a short conversation with CHRISTIAN BORLE about how I loved him in Legally Blonde and still listen to the soundtrack all the time, to this day!

Here’s where all my fellow theater nerds fangirl immensely:



That evening my friend and I got dinner at a chocolate shop nearby, and even had to split dessert (when in rome?)


Our GIANT s’mores sundae.

Stuffed from dinner, we decided to go watch the Macy’s Fireworks display. So, we walked down to the East River park for a nice viewing-ish. On our walk there, we made a new friend from Wales; so naturally I told him I was headed to London in the fall… The fireworks, while a bit long, were still very pretty and patriotic! (They even had ones in the shape of smiley faces!)


‘cuz baby you’re a firework!

IMG_4036Sunday morning, my friend and I decided to go put our names in for the Aladdin lottery… we didn’t get it, but still wanted to see a matinee. So, where else did we end up?The Belasco Theater to see Darren Criss in Hedwig!

TKTS gave us pretty good seats, and we were seated at orchestra level: not bad at all! The show was great, as well as seeing Darren live in the flesh with his insane thigh muscles. Loved the show; Darren was incredible! And I’ll definitely be back to stagedoor it, before his run ends…

Well, I’m exhausted: better go rest up for a full day of class tomorrow.

Until next time, Miranda xx

What happens when you least expect it

Saturday, after I posted my last entry, a friend and I decidedĀ to be very touristy for a little bit and get out of the rain too. Who did we see?


The latest tributes fight it out in the Cornucopia. Hahaha I wouldn’t last a minute.


Had to promote my work on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!


But, I couldn’t miss my presidential speech in D.C….


JOBROS round 2!


A quick selfie with my super tall NYC buddy, Miss Taylor Swift.


Hey Ed, good to see you again!

That’s right, I went to Madame Tussauds! Haha we had fun, though I wish my 1D boys were in attendance! šŸ˜¦ Ah, well there’s always London…

IMG_3893Sunday night began with a visit to Broadway to see Something Rotten with Christian Borle! (He won the TONY, as well as starred in the Legally Blonde musical and the TV show “Smash.”) The show was hilarious (it’s a muuusical!) and the best part had to be at the end: when Christian Borle was goofy-dancing (almost like ’embarrassing dad dancing’) off stage as the curtain fell. Best part of the night. Also, Borle as the cocky Shakespeare versus the sweet, adorable Emmett in Legally Blonde: so drastically different! But, the show as a whole was fantastic! After the show, we decided to Uber back with someĀ interestingĀ results, to say the least.

Monday was our class day and we visited three FINANCE sites. Can you hear me yawning? I actually kind of fell asleep at one of the stops. Sorry- now IĀ know I can never work at a financial firm. Also, I learned a salad that primarily is made with kale is not my thing: blech.

Tuesday began with my supervisor asking if any of us interns can sew. I said I could-ish. Then, I was off to what is quickly becoming my new favorite store, Lee’s Art Shop— it has so many craft supplies and other miscellaneous items in store!


Making some Martha Stewart-approved fabric flowers for an upcoming shoot in a fall issue!

Then, I pretty much sewed all day: it was very relaxing, therapeutic. I popped in my headphones, played some slow Ed Sheeran ballads and I had a relaxing time stitching; the time just flew by! Also, I was able to find some cute bangles the accessories apartment was giving away!

Wednesday, I kept unpacking and sewing for our shoot next week: it’s still relaxing– and easier to get the hang of once you actually know how to do it! Also, after lunch the fashion team brought huge tubs into the conference room for giveaways! The area was packed with GH employees sifting through all sorts of clothes and accessories. I even found a cute purse, hat and socks!

I came home to work on some essays due tomorrow, but hey I have Thursday and Friday off work for the holiday, so that’s nice! Then, my friend and I decided to try a gelato place near NYU: I had a really good mix of raspberry and hazelnut. As we were eating our gelato cones, guess what we randomly saw??

A film crew! There were director seats that read “rock and roll” in a typewriter-esque font, a craft services tent and all sorts of crew members around!IMG_3913

Not to mention the amount of trailers with vanity mirrors inside!

IMG_3914Ā IMG_3915

In fact, one trailer read “Zak,” which is a character in the show, who is played by actor Ray Romano.

Being a journalist, I knew I had to do some sleuthing to find out the specifics:

IMG_3917Ā Ā IMG_3916

Turns out, “Rock and Roll” is an upcoming HBO series that was filming: and we saw the whole process, how cool was that! See what happens when you least expect it in Manhattan?

Thursday and Friday, I don’t know what is in store: stay tuned.

Until next time, Miranda xx

My version of sightseeing.

Today’s tale began with an uneventful Sunday until there was a sudden downpour as my friend and I left for dinner. (We settled on the place right downstairs from our building. And as we sat down at the table, the rain disappeared from the sky. Weird.)


Just thought I’d fill in as CNN anchor… JK, I’m still a print person.

Monday, we woke up bright and early for some meeting no one was quite sure why was necessary in the first place. But, then comes the exciting part… We went to CNN! (Every journalism major’s dream come true, right?!?!) It was so cool to see the “New Day” set and even hear from and meet with anchors Ashleigh Banfield, and Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota of “New Day,” as well as other employees, such as producers, news desk managers and members of the digital team. Well, as cool as it was, I’m still a print person and way more interested in writing than being on-camera or working the techy equipment. If only we could’ve visited a place more specialized in my field, oh wait, I guess that’s more where I work every day at my internship. After CNN (and I gave the digital services employee my business card: hey I’d write for their online team!), we headed to lunch and found this really good European cafe not too far from CNN and my office and I had a lox (smoked salmon, if you must) crepe. Because who doesn’t love a crepe?

After that, we ventured through Times Square to find the Viacom building, where we heard from a panel of Nickelodeon/MTV employees. (The first question someone asked was if they’d reboot 90s classics on Nick… Oh college kids…) It was interesting to hear about the production of the shows and their business model, but again, it was too production-heavy for my taste. But, the employee speaking at the panel did give us a tour of the former TRL studio that overlooks Times Square. That was cool, obviously would have been cooler if the stage was still dressed for something, but c’est la vie.


View from the 29th floor in my office, overlooking what feels like all of Manhattan.

Tuesday was yet another research day at work, where I sit at my desk and basically online shop for home decor and craft projects, not a bad job, right?!? Wednesday, I helped pack up a shoot and then our coolest task came: it’s very editorial-based, and I’ll fill you in more later as I have more details… but it’s so cool and like a dream come true for me!! That evening was our communications alumni panel a.k.a. a time for our school’s alumni to talk about why they love their advertising/PR work… a field not for me, so I wasn’t the most interested. Thursday was another research day, followed by my overwhelming need to Skype my brother just so I could watch the Big Brother premiere live (yes, I’m still obsessed with that show, and I’m so shocked with every twist!)

Friday was a unique day. First, I packed up some surfaces to be returned and then it became an errand day. My first task was to run to….


Bloomingdales! First off, the store is ginormous (housewares was on the sixth floor) and full of gorgeous clothes and furnishings, but, alas, I had to focus on my work task.

I did some pretty interesting sightseeing along the way, take a glance at what I saw:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, alright, fine: that’s my version of sightseeing (the fashion sights!) Then, I walked back  and went to the cutest art shop (it was huge) to pick up a few items needed for shoots. Then, I came back and met with one of the mag’s designers and we basically talked about fonts for 30 minutes. After that, the other interns in my department and I crafted! We made paper flowers! (The other interns weren’t as enthralled as I was to be crafting: hey, it relaxes me!) So, what job is better than shopping and crafting?? I came home to work on my UK visa application, so I could run to FEDEX to print it before it closed: success on that front. Then, I worked on wrote my paper (due today at 5 p.m.) until 12:45 a.m. … and here we are.

I’m not sure what the rest of day has in store yet, but tomorrow is a theater night, to see a certain Tony Award winner live… More on that in the next post.

Until next time, Miranda xx


So, this past week has been crazy and exciting! Can’t wait to share more; so keep reading! (Oh, the blog title is a reference to something I did this week, will explain later.)

On Wednesday June 17, my day’s task was research-based for an upcoming story. The subject was ‘glamping.’ To which, I learned how intense it can be. (Also, I apologize if you follow me on Pinterest, as I kept pinning glamping ideas… Oops.) Then, we had some surprise visitors come to the office, bringing yummy-but-tiny treats by Baked By Melissa!

                                                                          Who was it?


It was none other than Elmo and Cookie Monster!!! (And yes, it was the OFFICIAL ones, not the replications from Times Square.) Our entire office was in a tizzy; haha real celebrities visiting the office! Their PR people from Sesame Place mentioned how it was their 35th birthday, and even gave us promotional flash drives with a picture of Big Bird on it.

Thursday was research day as well (for a different project), and then we took a break to organize the home closet (it is full of adorable home decor!), which was kind of therapeutic for my Type A tendencies. šŸ˜‰ (The other intern wasn’t as enthralled as I was to organize the closet.) Then, as we went downstairs to lunch, we ended up in the same elevator as our EIC Jane; casual.


Apparently the baseball field? (I’m not well-versed in sports.)

After work I had approximately 20 minutes after my subway arrived to go to the grocery store across the street AND change into something more appropriate for a Yankees game. (Another event for our NYC program participants.) Well, I made it: and my friend and I ended up squished in a Bronx-bound subway car, with just about every other person to the game. Upon arrival, we went to go get dinner (did you know they sell sushi and noodle bowls at Yankee Stadium? I did not.) and find a souvenir for my friend’s relative…. Haha hearing her describe his demographics to the young Mets fan working the booth was priceless! (haha, it was a ‘you had to be there’ type of humor.) Eventually, we found what we were looking for and went to find the staircase to get to the upper levels…. that was a tad bit difficult. We did find it shortly after, and were the last ones of our group to arrive in our seats… and the first ones to leave (hey we stayed until the 5th-6th inning!)

However, I learned that I have no idea what happened. When people cheered, I went “Yay, something happened, I guess!” True story. And we kept trying to guess the what the DH position of A-Rod was… (Is it ‘down home?’ Is that even a thing? Could it be?) It’s Designated Hitter…. ohhhhhhh. We didn’t stay much longer than that, but we couldn’t leave without getting some ice cream in a Yankees souvenir cup. (A.K.A. a souvenir for my brother from the city.)

The next day at work, we did research and then went up to the Test Kitchen to pack up from the week’s food shoot. While packing, I noticed how the GH Institute team was making something; it smelled really good! (Better than my own abilities. Not a joke. I must take after Mom in that way.) Then, when I got home, it was time to sit down to write this monster of an essay assignment due on Saturday. I wrote the paper pretty much all night, well, actually, I deflected by watching season four of Scandal on Netflix until midnight…


Ready to see Amanda Seyfried live on stage! I wonder, does she still have ESPN or something?

On Saturday, I woke up at 9 a.m. to do laundry and to actually write this paper. To which I learned that no one will wake up before 9 a.m. on a Saturday to do anything. (haha college kids.) I actually wrote this paper all day, and turned it in right on time! Then, it was time to head to the theater! This time I had planned to see off-Broadway play “The Way We Get By” starring Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski!

The show was fantastic; hilarious and well-done! So, there’s a line in the play where Thomas’ Greg says “Star Wars is awesome,” in relation to his character’s shirt… So, I ran with that for this blog title: I know you all were wondering…

When I sat down in my seat in the small off-broadway theater, I could have sworn that that guy who played Bennett in “The Carrie Diaries” was seated directly behind me… or at least someone who looks exactly like him.

After the show ended, I knew I had to stagedoor, which was in the lobby of the theater. First, Rose Byrne of “Bridesmaids” walked past (She was Helen.) wearing an adorable fedora atop her wavy bob. Us stagedoor folks were excited about seeing her. THEN, Seth Macfarlane speed-walked right past us. (Someone said they spotted him drinking at the bar earlier that night.) With that, let’s get to the actual cast, shall we?

First, Thomas Sadoski came out: who was fabulous as the fast-talking Greg! Oh, and yea, he was the ex-husband in “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon! Then, there was Amanda’s dog Finn waiting to see her post-show. He kept sniffing/licking my leg! (Dogs seem to love me; I can’t figure out why.) And after awhile, Amanda finally came outside (no photos with her were allowed.) And we had a little convo while she signed my Playbill!

Here’s how it went: (Her only conversation while signing autographs, just saying.)

Me: “You were great tonight! And Finn is so cute!”

Amanda Seyfried: “Isn’t he? He’s actually waiting for me in the car!” (Her face lit up when talking about her puppy!)

Me: “Yeah, he actually came inside for a little bit.”

AS: “Oh, did he?” (She was then ushered along to the next part of the line.)


         Thomas Sadoski                             Finn Seyfried                   …and Amanda Seyfried

Ahhh! Still can’t believe that happened! Anyway, the show was hilarious, truly laugh-out-loud worthy! Great show, great night.

And here’s another [signed] Playbill to add to my collection this summer. (I imagine it will only keep growing…TOTAL TRUTH.)


Until next time, Miranda xx


We’re soaring, flying.

Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy, hectic couple of days, so I’ll recap a bit for you!Ā (Haha so IĀ couldn’t resist the title… you’ll understand why when you keep reading!)

After our big Brooklyn shoot, I spent most of the following day unpacking and organizing boxes and the props. However, after two weeks, I finally got my I.D. badge and computer login! Yay I’m an official Hearst intern now!! šŸ™‚ The next day, Friday, was a research day; finishing up a big project that was due.

11415380_10204495151967459_33056752558135302_nSaturday was a pretty relaxing day until about 6:30, when my friend and I went to see Gigi on Broadway with Vanessa Hudgens and Newsies’ Corey Cott!! Ahhh it was ahmazing. Truly an incredible show! Loved it. It was such a great show that it’s a shame it’s closing this weekend.

So, at the end of the show we snuck out when the bows started, and we ran around to the stagedoor, to be close. We found a perfect spot at the end of the barricades, and then got autographs from ensemble member Max Clayton! We then met two other girls, who were big 1D/5SOS fans, and we started discussing Michael’s accident that happened early that night, as fangirls do, naturally.

11425498_10204495844544773_723512705018949335_nThen, the security guard decided to block off the staged area, so the crowd pushed forward and I was kind of pushed into a corner near the wall, and therefore was only able to get Corey Cott’s autograph. Ā (I wanted a photo because I loved his turn as Jack Kelly in Newsies!)

Then, I saw “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens in an outfit that was gorge! Love her outfit! And I told her; she replied with a sincere “Thank you.” Ahh! And then we saw Instagram/Twitter pictures that her costar and bestie Ashley Tisdale was in attendance that night! Wow, if only we could have met her too!

Then, I was able to get a photo with Vanessa! Ahhh! She took our selfie, how cool is that! I was so excited after that!


Haha, shoutout to the guy with the sparkly gold phone case trying to get a photo of me and my new BFF Vanessa. Lol. šŸ˜‰

Sunday was pretty relaxed, nothing really happened other than me and my roommate checking out my park for our assignment and getting bagels from a place nearby.

Monday was our class day, and we visited Ketchum PR and the August Wilson and Al Hirschfeld theaters. See my class blog on the day here! It was so cool to see the bare sets of “Jersey Boys” and “Kinky Boots,” wow! I came home so exhausted and sweaty; ready for bed and work the next day.

Today at work I did a juice run, getting juice and smoothies for the editors in a shoot, like four minutes after I arrived at work. Then, I brought a couple props up to the Test Kitchen (home of the GH Research Institute) where the shoot was, then it was a research day for an upcoming spread. After work, I went on a quest for stamps… And I pretty much failed, as I ended up walking more than I could have and the Post Office was closed… Luckily, a drug store with a mailbox right outside sold stamps, so yay, mission accomplished.

Then, I had about 20 minutes to spare, so I walked around TJ Maxx, to which I found some adorable Kate Spade Saturday purses… If only I needed another purse… lol. Then, it was time for dinner, where I had plans to meet some second cousins who were also here for the summer. That was fun and nice, considering I hadn’t seen them in several years… Then, I came home completely exhausted. Ready for another hectic day as an intern tomorrow!

Until next time, Miranda xx

My Life as an Intern

Hi everyone. It’s Wednesday, June 10 and I basically just got back from work, where I’ve been all day since 8 a.m., at a photo shoot in Brooklyn (more on this later.)

I left off in my last post that I was going to see On the Town last Saturday. Before than, we decided to head to Topshop Soho (it’s my favorite store!) and then we ended up walking back from Soho to the dorms; it was not that far! Already noted, for some future Topshop endeavors… šŸ˜‰

11108241_10204461550727449_7955571402507845533_nWe purchased our tickets for the On the Town from the TodayTix app (I highly recommend itĀ for discount tickets!) and then ate dinner at some largeĀ Chinese restaurant near Times Square; I had a very good Pad Thai meal. Then, it was off to the theater! Well, first when we took our pictures (check my social media from Saturday) by the back edge of the theater and that marquee.. oops, awkward. Oh well, by the time the show started: it was fabulous! The choreography and the dancers (professional ballet dancers making their Broadway debut!) were impeccable, and I most definitely enjoyed it!

On Sunday, a group of us ventured to Chelsea for the legendary Brooklyn Bagel. I had a bagel with lox cream cheese (i.e. plain cream cheese with small pieces of lox in it– but I love bagels and lox, so no complaints here!) Later that evening, a group of students in my program decided a TONY viewing party was in order, because of course.

Monday was our class day. To start, about half of us met at the Met around 10 a.m. where we were able to explore the famed museum, as long as we did an assignment for a later project as well. Can I just mention how incredibly gorgeous the gowns were in the China Through the Looking Glass display? Anna Winter and all those designers truly outdid themselves. Then, my friend and I walked to Bryant Park and ate lunch prior to our next activity. The park was adorable yet crowded. We then met as a smaller group for our 3 p.m. appointment at the New York Public Library, where we completed research for a project later on in the summer. I was back at the dorm by 5, and quickly got dressed in professional attire for our school’s alumni meet-and-greet at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Very swanky and nice, but very far away. Soooo, a group of us just took Uber back to the dorm. Hey, beats walking!

Tuesday was kind of a hectic day, as we had a pretty big shoot for the October issue on Wednesday. At 10:30 a.m. I left the office for the Flower District where I was there until 1, picking out flowers that are appropriate for fall. With bunches of bouquets wrapped in hand, I Ā took a taxi back to work: beats having to fight the crowds with the subway. The rest of the day was spent packing boxes for the shoot. I got home at 6:20, by far the latest of my suite, and discovered that the laundry machines were still broken from last Friday: so great.

And on to today: it was our shoot day at this apartment in Brooklyn. The piece, for the October issue, discusses small space living. The apartment, belonging to a young married couple and their bulldog named Finley in Cobble Hill, was part of a cluster of absolutely adorable brownstones. (I mean, I’d love to live in one when I grow up…) Most of the day, I unpacked boxes, organized props up in the apartment and ran errands for more props and then picked up the editors’ Ā lunches (haha intern life). Everything was very cool and I enjoyed seeing how the entire process works, despite some minor issues regarding storage and transportation. Once, I was sitting on the front stoop unpacking boxes and there was a preschool class on a leash walking past me. And then, I was walking back from the truck and this little boy across the street kept saying hi and waving, so I waved back and then he said goodbye and tried to follow my down the street, while his parents called him. Too precious, regardless. However, I did get a little lost coming home, so Uber it was! I got home at 7:30 p.m., completely tired and here I am writing this…

It’s been a crazy, whirlwind experience so far, but I guess that’s the life of an intern, especially in the magazine industry!

Until next time, Miranda xx

My First Week as a New Yorker

Hi everyone! So, this has been my first full week as a New Yorker! How about a little recap?


In my last post I mentioned how we went on a Circle Line boat tour on Sunday. Well, during that boat ride (and after), it poured. And even with my umbrella, I still got soaked. Upon arriving back, a group of us stopped to go get dinner (we didn’t have lunch that day) and to wait out the storm and flash flood warning. Then, we decided to see the Age of Adeline around the corner, as it was still raining…. And we laughed: there’s was really no solid plot point that made sense, however, I will note that Blake Lively’s hair was consistently on point in the flick.

On Mondays, we have our “Streets of New York” class, and June 1 was our scavenger hunt to find our way around the city. We started off near the dorm– again it was very windy and rainy!– and took the train to the posh Upper East Side sites and Upper West Side sites, as well as my intern site and another girl’s nearby. Then we decided to head to another member of our group’s internship– in Brooklyn. Well, we walked for 20 minutes before we found it– sort of. And to avoid trekking back to a subway station, we uber-ed it back to Washington Square Park with our new buddy Yip the Uber driver. We went around that neighborhood and the Financial District, but still didn’t complete the list. At 5:30pm, we got off subway near the dorm and got an email from our professor not to meet him, but to “go home.” BUT, we completed four out of the five tasks and went to all four internship sites, which I think is a pretty good accomplishment.

IMG_3643Tuesday, June 2 began my first day as an intern for Good Housekeeping, which is located in the famous Hearst Tower.
Ah so exciting, I can hardly believe it!! So, I end up waiting in line with the other Hearst Publications interns for the day’s badge, then I take the escalator up to the glass section of the skyscraper and then ride the elevator up to the 28th floor. GH occupies the 28th floor and the GH Institute that tests all the products is on the 29th.

Tuesday, I (along with the other home department intern) organized the packed home closet (but it was all very cute!), worked on a timeline of home decor for the special issue coming up, had lunch in the Hearst Cafe with the other GH interns, and some more research. Then, as I left the train station on the way home, there was one of the Sprouse twins (they were on the Disney Channel show ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’) just chilling outside Walgreens, a couple blocks up from my dorm. He kind of spotted me back, so I was unable to snap a photo, but hey, celeb spotting has begun this summer!

Wednesday, June 3 was a research day, but we also did a little painting (priming a piece of wood white for the editor to paint later, which will be used for the August cover.) Then, we had another research project: finding home trends for the October issue, hellooo it’s basicallyĀ online shopping!

Today, Thursday, June 4, I helped transport props for the August cover shoot up to the GH test kitchen and even got a sneak peek of the images! (They are so adorable! Make sure to get a copy when it comes out!) Then, we did some research on Pinterest, to which I’d sometimes get “distracted” by all the cute home decor images, oops. The end of the day, we ran some errands across the street to CVS and Whole Foods to get some props for photo shoots next week. It’s been a great first week at GH and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer!

Also, a couple friends and I are planning to see “On the Town” this Saturday on Broadway and I’m super pumped, especially to see Ricky, the SYTYCD 11 winner, dance in the show! Then, Sunday night there’s a free live screening of the Tony Awards in Times Square, so obviously we must attend that as well.

Keep y’all posted! (I plan on updating this blog once a week!)

-Miranda xx